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General FAQ Answers

1. Where do I buy the products for this detox program? Jon avoids making brand recommendations for these formulations for the simple reason that it’s impossible for him to track all of the thousands of available alternatives, or to continually monitor the ingredient sourcing and manufacturing procedures for all of the various companies. There are, however, a few notable exceptions. First and foremost is:

Herbal Way LLC carries all of Jon Barron’s exclusive formulations described in the Barron Reports. Herbal Way LLC’ high-quality products are so superior that News Target awarded them the “2006 Nutritional Supplement Company of the Year.” Herbal Way LLC’ formulas incorporate: USP grade nutraceuticals, organic and wild crafted herbs, liquid extracts made using the Barron Effect®, Bio-Energization for guaranteed optimum potency, and Herbal Way LLC offers a 100% guarantee on all their products.

2. What if I can’t find a certain product/ingredient in my country? If you like another company’s formulas better, or you find them more readily available, feel free to use those — but be aware that you will have to adjust to the instructions that come with those products. Our Barron Report Archives will help you understand what to look for in those natural detox formulations.

3. I have a question, who do I email? Please email us using our contact form.

4. Should I continue taking my usual herbs/supplements during this natural detox program – especially during the liver cleanse? During the colon detox, you can continue to take all of your supplements. When it comes time to do the liver detox, Jon Barron suggests giving your body a rest and using just essential supplements.

5. I’m breastfeeding – is this detox safe for me and my child? Cleansing and detoxification is not recommended while breastfeeding.